fal News: Stable Diffusion 3 available now, ComfyUI workflows and more

fal News: Stable Diffusion 3 available now, ComfyUI workflows and more

Greetings friends of fal!

At fal, we are building the fastest and most reliable inference cloud for generative AI. We are thrilled to announce some major updates. Here’s what’s new:

Stable Diffusion 3 Now Available

fal dashboard where you can start playing with SD3

Experience this state of the art text-to-image model from our friends at stability.ai. The new architecture offers:

  • Enhanced image quality at higher resolutions
  • Improved prompt adherence
  • Superior text generation capabilities

Sign up and go to the model playground to test it out!

Introducing ComfyUI Workflows

We built a serverless ComfyUI runtime from ground up, providing the best solution for running your workflows seamlessly and efficiently. With this feature, you will be able to start tinkering with your ComfyUI workflows without worrying about setting up a machine and an environment. You will also never see unexpected bills just because you forgot to turn a machine off. It is all done serverlessly.

Using fal's powerful serverless engine underneath, you will also be able to turn any workflow into a scalable API.

Go to comfy.new to get started!


fal ComfyUI in action

Brand New Dashboard

Finally, we have put in a lot of love to improve the overall product experience. Go to fal.ai to explore our revamped dashboard. Some highlights are:

  • Enhanced analytics pages
  • More granular billing and usage pages
  • And finally, wait for it... ✨ Convenient keyboard shortcuts ✨ Press Command + K to navigate to any model or any other pages quickly.

fal's revamped dashboard with keyboard shortcuts

We are eager to hear your feedback and can't wait to see what you build with fal!